So I figure if I want to bake more, I should try and plan my baking. So I am listing the different goodies I want to make :)

here goes:

-Black and White cookies

-Alcoholic Cupcakes lol :)

-french toast*

nutella and pistachio brioche ;D

yes this does seem extremely daunting but I can do whatever I put my mind to :D

about the french toast: this recipe is famazing!!!! I mean before today, my mom made french toast by frying it and not baking it :0 maybe thats why I never liked it lol :)

so here is the goal: finish these recipes within 4 months (thats one recipe per month in case I start to get lazy lol). but ideally I would like to finish between 2 and 3 months :D

So the adventure starts :D

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